So the first prize goes to………      …….



Who wins a Son Of Freakenstein!


2nd prize…


Who wins a Son Of Freakenstein – original version!


3rd prize…


Who wins a set of Rainger FX picks (regular, rockpick, 12-string attack pick)!

If you aren’t one of these names – don’t worry, your name will be entered for the next one… (Surely it’s only a matter of time before you win?!)


Get yourself a Rainger FX pedal for free (it’s almost guaranteed, right?)

So first prize will be a Son Of Freakenstein, second prize a Son Of Freakenstein (original version), third prize a selection of Rainger FX picks (regular, rockpick, 12-string attack pick).

Probably do the draw… sometime before New Year?

BTW emailing doesn’t mean you’ll get spammed with tons of junk mail from us. Might send you a news update sometime.

This giveaway is just to stir stuff up…

In Show In Brooklyn NY!

Really great to have two pedals in the upcoming Deli Stompbox Ehibit in Brooklyn NY this coming 19th and 20th of October!

Go along and check out the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz and the Air Traffic Controller in person…

The Dr FF will be on the ‘distortion’ pedalboard, and the ATC on ‘other’ (which it most certainly is).

Show details here

Ground-breaking tap tempo in action

Just done another Minor Concussion videoclip. It was tricky – filming and recording audio at the same time.

When you tap once the ‘record’ LED comes on. Tap again, and it goes out; you’ve set the tempo.
Then – if it drifts out of time – you tap again and the tap tempo chip takes the difference between where it was going to pulse, and where you corrected it, and divides that by the number of beats since the original programming, and adds (or subtracts) the from the programmed time!
Then it makes that the new tempo – and continues from where that one correcting tap was!!

It’s a clever thing.

Of course you can tap it as many times as you want to correct it. Four in a row? Seven? Sporadic bursts? Whatever – it just loves to do maths!

Have a look at the Minor Concussion’s amazing tap tempo in action here. Recorded while playing through a Solasound Tonebender for distortion.